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Why Applied Behavior Analysis/Applied Verbal Behavior Therapy?

Our ABA program is run by ENGAGE Behavioral Health 

ENGAGE Behavioral Health helps our school stay in line with state and federal requirements for a child to be educated in the "least restrictive environment. The ENGAGE ABA program achieves this mission by providing therapists who are highly trained in the science, research and implementation of Applied Behavior Analysis and Applied Verbal Behavior to help the school reach and maintain the following goals: 

♦ a language-based curriculum; 

♦ a curriculum that progresses in an orderly manner throughout the day and addresses multiple skill development;

♦ effective instructional techniques based upon research, including a strong focus on positive reinforcement, shaping, prompting, and fading of prompts; 

♦ frequent opportunities for the child to respond to instruction;

♦ little time when the child is not engaged in instruction; 

♦ daily recording of academic work and behavior problems; and

♦ frequent review of progress and timely changes in procedures if progress is not occurring.
♦ foster social relationships’ between students


Together Sydney’s School and ENGAGE Behavioral Health creates an educational and therapeutic environment that changes lives because…


  • Inclusion gives children with special needs the opportunity to learn in natural, stimulating environments.
  • Inclusion makes it possible for friendships to occur with non-handicapped peers, provides positive role models, and may lead to greater acceptance in the community.

  • Inclusion gives children without disabilities the opportunity to learn about differences between people and how to assist and teach others in need.

  • Inclusion benefits teachers by giving them a broader appreciation of differences and by learning new techniques for instruction.


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