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ABA Admission Process

The admissions process for Engage Behavioral Healths ABA program at Sydney's Academy is designed to match students with the mission of the school, recommend classroom placement and educational goals. The process includes a review of previous assessments, parent meeting and an assessment of the student's current skill level.
Our hope is that the process will help families, students, and the school create a successful individualized program from the start!

Step 1: Visit www.EngageBehavioralHealth.com and complete our online intake packet

Step 2: You will recieve a call from our staff, to review your child’s needs, program format, costs and to answer any questions or concerns you may have.
Step 4: If Sydney’s Academy is the best fit for your student and family, an ABA evaluation will be scheduled
Step 7: If your student is accepted for enrollment, a service contract will be sent to you. This service contract will outline payment methods and serve as a commitment between your family and Engage Behavioral Health to work together to create a plan that will provide your student with a comprehensive therapeutic program.
Step 8: Team Interviews - Once parents have returned the service application, assessment has been completed and the service contract as been signed, student and parent(s) will meet with the onsite ABA Director for a 30-minute meeting.




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