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Our Philosophy & Values

Sydney’s Academy is a family based program that works hand in hand with parents to foster the optimum in social, emotional and cognitive development for young children. At Sydney’s Academy, we believe children grow and develop valuable skills when their classroom experiences are geared to their natural level of development. We accommodate the uniqueness of each child by using developmentally appropriate curriculum and learning materials that will meet their educational, emotional and social goals.
At Sydney’s Academy, we avoid adhering to only one philosophy but choose to combine philosophies, thus creating a special and unique atmosphere for growth. Knowing that young children learn best through sensory experiences and actions, we encourage children to manipulate, explore and create. Children are then able to develop a personal meaning through their own application of what they have learned.
Sydney’s Academy offers experiences such as imaginative play, creative dramatics, art and music, science, math, cooking, motor skill development and opportunities to learn and practice social skills. Our program includes a balance of active and quiet activities, as well as structured and unstructured projects. Teachers work as facilitators, encouraging the children to become independent and imaginative. We strongly believe in following the needs of the child. By doing so, we are able to provide the children with meaningful learning experiences.
We welcome and encourage families with children affected by autism and related disabilites to apply…. we would love to have you and your child learn and grow with us!

Sydney’s Academy Goals 

  • Meet each child’s individual needs in a comforting, supportive setting.
  • Help each child develop a positive self-image.
  • Help each child develop independence to feel secure outside of their home.
  • Encourage children to express themselves through interactive play and group activities.
  • Encourage children to grow socially, play cooperatively, share with others and become aware of others’ feelings.
  • Enable each child to mature by giving opportunities to express feelings through discussion, art, music and make-believe.




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Sydney's Academy
St. Patrick Catholic Church
4518 South Manhattan Avenue
Tampa, FL 33611
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